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July 10, 2022    Maya City Org.
Source Digital & Metaverse Investments have formed a strategic partnership in order to revive the Social Reality Platform Sansar in becoming a leading metaverse in social and events-base interactivity.
Source Digital will aim into the Sansar Platform in providing unlimited advertising and further monetization facilities within the metaverse.
This strategic partnership will provide  a stable first truly monetizable metaverse experience for  Sansarians active in commercial activities like Sansar Store Merchandise,Events Organizing,Streaming Live,Advertising and more opportunities.
The unique Sansar Engine and World was first developed by Linden Lab and a selected early creators team handpicked by The Lab in creating fast realistic metaverse experiences and growth with a focus on a World Base of many experiences  resulting in a platform with a mixed social reality landscape that could be scaled across a wide variety of traditional media and brand environments.
The Source Digital Partnership will provide an advanced monetizable metaverse focused on providing the Sansarians with amazing  brands infinitive consumer touchpoints.
´The issue with the Metaverse has always been how to accomplish monetization without creators bearing the costs´says  Sansar Chief Executive Officer Chance Richie.
Our joint venture with Source Digital provides myriad revenue streams outside of inworld commerce,allowing Sansar to minimize fees charged on Creator Generated Content CGC) and be the destination of choice for creators who wants to make a living selling virtual merchandise/experiences.
Our community will also benefit from the personalized Worlds/Scenes made possible with Source Digital Technology.
Source Digital built it´s patented platform to enhance video/metaverse content through a real time of social engagement and personalized content delivery, making the  VR viewer/user experience more immersive and relevant.
The current Source Digital platform already boasts significant revenue,scaling rapidly by allowing users to unlock their relationship with brands/advertisers, commerce, crypto, and E-Sports wagering on the user´s terms.
The result is a more immersive and personal interactivity completely agnostic to video format.
With the current strategic partnership, Source Digital technology converges with the Sansar´s unique engine/metaverse in an almost unlimited way with more than 20K of Worlds and growing.
The support will provide the Sansar Platform with the Web3 initiatives and capabilities currently underway in the industry.
Source Digital will lead the core technological development while Metaverse Investments will focus on further development of Sansar Creations. It´s creative team focused on building amazing experiences,plus avatar enhancement and realistic design.
The partnership also alligns the parties through cross-investment.