Afbeelding invoegen  THE BLACKSCREEN BUG
For the people experiencing the blackscreen bug when starting Sansar and have the Intel 11th Gen. Processor, here is how to fix it:
*1  Open ´File Explorer´  (Windows + E)       right click mouse on: ´This PC´, and select ´properties´
*2  Select ´Advanced System Settings´
*3  Select ´Environment Variables´in the ´advanced ´tab.
*4  Select ´New.....´ under System Variables
*5  Input the text below and select ´OK´ 
        Variable Name: OPENSSL_ia32cap
         Variable Value: ~0x200000200000000
*6  Confirm that the variable has been added succesfully, then select ´OK ´    
Greetings from Sansar Development.